Kitchen flooring doesn't need to be boring to be practical. Nowadays, there's been some great new design trends that will leave you wanting to never leave your kitchen! Flooring can be exciting, fashionable, and show-stopping – and we’re about to prove that to you right now with the following 4 unique ideas!

Bleached wood planks

When it comes to kitchen flooring, homeowners normally opt for wood planks for a more refined look. However, instead of the usual brown tones we see often in this area, bleached wood planks make for one truly beautiful installation. Beaching is a technique where regular wood is – you guessed it – bleached! While you can still see the wood grain, the process gives the planks a white-washed, ashy appearance. With this style, you can keep all the wood charm with the added benefit of a warm, brilliant glow.

Distressed wood slats

Recently, distressed wood slats have grown in popularity as kitchen flooring. In this process, the wood undergoes accelerated aging, giving it a slightly worn finish. It's a technique that's often handcrafted, where kerf, swirl, and scraping are added by hand. They also add a texture that's softer and warmer by brushing the slats afterward. 

Distinctive pattern layouts 

Add a huge dose of style to your home with distinctive pattern layouts. Instead of the usual vertical or horizontal design, you can have installers lay down the pieces in, for example, herringbone or chevron patterns. 

Black & white vintage 

Remember when the trend was black and white square tiles in the kitchen – back when you were a kid! Well, now the look is back to sweep us off our feet and send us into a nostalgic tizzy. However, the look isn't quite the same as way back when. Nowadays, it's a whole lot more luxurious and bolder, with smaller, graphic patterned tiles that positively wow. It's a vintage kitchen flooring style with a unique twist!

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