At D’Best Floorz & More, our goal is offer quality materials at affordable prices. As such, our Orlando, FL showroom experts have come up with the following tips on how to find discount hardwood flooring that’s not cheaply manufactured. While you undoubtedly, want to save on costs, the last thing you need, is your discount hardwood flooring falling apart on you after only a few months! So, if you’re not sure where to buy discount hardwood flooring, our advice will help you figure out the difference between a great deal and a total sham.
Minimal samples, maximum attitude
When you walk into a showroom, the last thing you’re expecting is very few samples and a whole lot of attitude from the salespeople. Without a doubt, these are two red flags that you should avoid. When buying flooring for a renovation, you’re obviously going to want several choices. But, when you’re faced with only a handful of options, you’re certainly not going to find a ton of choices to consider, which is incredibly odd. Also, if your salesperson makes it sound like they’re doing you a favor by talking to you, say no to the attitude and walk out the door.
Now-or-never pricing
Now-or-never pricing isn’t a discount, if you only have mere minutes to decide to buy. Clearly, this is a sign of a sham business, as legitimate showrooms have sales that last a few days, not a few minutes. What would happen if you were to purchase these materials at such a rock-bottom price? Most likely, you’ll be left in the lurch with sub-par planks instead of quality discount hardwood flooring.
Overnight pop-ups
Never seen the store before? Internet searches don’t show any results? Those are scary thoughts indeed, since these things can point to overnight pop-up warehouses, that will sell their stock and disappear as quickly as possible. Forget the hassle; it’s just not worth it!
Not only can you find discount hardwood flooring and other surfacing materials at D’Best Floorz & More, but you can also get a quick quote via text. Have you ever texted a business for an estimation? Well, now you can, thanks to our estimation texting service! It’s fast, easy, and free, so text us today!