Five reasons the best homes install granite countertops

There’s a good reason why granite is so popular. Just as floors are a major expression of personal style, so are countertops.

They can either become a focal point in the kitchen or coordinate more subtly with cabinets, backsplashes, and appliances, while granite countertops can be found in some of the best, most luxurious hotel baths around the globe.

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What is granite?

It’s an igneous rock, made up mainly of quartz, feldspar, mica, as well as some trace minerals. The mineral amount can change, and that is what gives it color and texture variation.

While colors like green and black may seem best at first, D’Best Floors & More points out that these countertops last for years and many of their customers decide on neutrals like brown, tan and gray to maintain the same visual appeal during that period.

What it can do for your home

  • Add beauty. Nothing adds so much architectural interest as stone, especially granite. You’ll also have something unique to you because every single slab has different veining and colorations. It gives the kitchen or bath a feeling of luxury and automatically elevates the design levels of these rooms.
  • Add value. It is an investment, but you can recoup as much as 100% of the total cost, as seen in your property values. There’s also the visual appeal; if you are selling and one home has them while the other home does not, which one do you think will sell the fastest?
  • Durability. This is one of the hardest, toughest rocks, being scratch resistant and almost impossible to crack or chip. Busy cooks will appreciate the fact that occasionally, it’s okay to place hot pots and pans (often absentmindedly) on the counter and it won’t be damaged.
  • Easy to clean. As long as it’s done correctly, and according to the manufacturer guidelines, sealing will make the workspace resist stains and bacteria. It will need only a soap-and-water wiping.
  • Longevity=cost-effective. They can last well over 30 years, which can be double the time of some other materials. That means no replacement costs so, when you look at it overall, they are quite cost-effective.

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